Real Conquest

In 1936, Italy occupied Ethiopia in the leadership of Mussolini. In the meantime, Bikila family had a boy Abebe. He was 4 years old during occupation and he was influenced by political events. Then, he decided to become Emperor Haile Selassie’s bodyguard. In 1960, he was the subsititute of Ethiopia marathon team at Rome Olympics. Until that game, he had not participated in any official marathon. Since two runners of Ethiopia team got injured, Bikila had to represent his country. While Bikila was training, his running shoe was broke into pieces and it was the only one that he brought. He suggested to authorities that I could run without running shoes because I was accustomed to the condition in my country. His suggestion was accepted and race was started. At 30 th km, he was the leader of race and journalist of Corriere Dello Sport said that it was not a marathon. A barefoot coaster, unknown name of the country occupied by Italy many years ago conquered the Mussolini’s Rome.

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