Blood on the Water and Its Result

In the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Hungary-Soviet Union Water Polo teams met. The interesting thing is behind the scenes. The big fight took place during the game and Ervin Zádor Hungarian player was punched by Valentin Prokopov Russian player. Name of story comes from blood of Ervin Zádor at the pool. Before the game, Russian tanks entered to Budapest and occupied Hungary. Meanwhile, Hungary team was in the camp in Hungary. Members of the Hungary team became crazy due to fumes but they decided to beat Soviet Union at the match. The Russians were trying to copy the technical and tactics of the Hungarian Water Polo during occupation. Then, both Hungary and Soviet Union Water Polo teams went to Melbourne. Strategy of Hungarians is to prevent the Russians from learning their techniques, they tried to distract Russians with fighting talk it out. Till that time, players had passed the ball through the water. Hungarians found a new techique, which is based on passing ball at airdrop. With the help of new technique, plays became faster. At the end, Hungary won the game with a score of 4-0.  After the match, Hungarian players decided not to come back their countries. They took a refuge in different countries. Ervin Zádor went to USA. He bacame swimmming trainer of migrant family’s son. Name of the son is Mark Spitz, who recorded breaks at swimming in 1968 and 1972.


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